06-22 文案句子 投稿:倾诉林

【第1句】: 描写心情美好的英语句子

【第1句】:I am too happy to stand faint!我要幸福的昏倒了!【第2句】:May you come into a good fortune! Good luck, good health, hood cheer. I wish you a happy New Year. 祝好运、健康、佳肴伴你度过一个快乐新年。

【第3句】:I hasten to congratulate you on the happy return of your birthday. 时值足下千秋令旦,草此聊表贺忱。【第4句】:I n this world, only those men who really feel happy can give women happiness.在这个世界上,只有真正快乐的男人,才能带给女人真正的快乐。

【第5句】:Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.对于大多数人来说, 他们认定自己有多幸福, 就有多幸福。【第6句】:T housand of time i have thought of you .my heart is going high into the air and flying with my blessing towards you i don't care loneliness. i am satisfied when you are happy and i am happy when i think of you!千万个思念,在空气中凝固。

扬起风吹向你,带着我的祝福,寂寞我不在乎,你快乐我就满足,想你是我的幸福!【第7句】:I know someone in the world is waiting for me, although i've no idea of who he is. but i feel happy every day for this. 我知道这世上有人在等我,尽管我不知道我在等谁。但是因为这样,我每天都非常快乐。

【第8句】:H appy are the families where the government of parents is the reign of affection, and of the children the submission to love.幸福的家庭,父母靠慈爱当家,孩子也是出于对父母的爱而顺从大人。【第9句】:W ith the friends there are always laughs and shared happy moments, the friends are like the small drops of water of the morning dew, where the heart is it and freshens up.总是能与朋友一齐笑和分享快乐时光的朋友,就像心里面一小滴清晨的露水,可以使人精神饱满。

【第10句】:I will make you happy when you are depressed. i will make you delighted when you are in great sorrow!在你抑郁的时候, 就是你的开心果。在你忧伤的时候, 愿作你的忘忧树!【第11句】:Thank you for your helping my dreams,my life,my future ,Happy Birthday,sir!【第12句】:L ife to learn to enjoy: enjoy working happy laughter, enjoy friends, enjoy the warmth of family, enjoy the joy to create, enjoy the sweet fruit. 生活中要学会享受:享受工作的欢快,享受朋友的笑声,享受家人的温馨,享受创造的快慰,享受果实的甜美。

【第13句】:I n this world, only those men who really feel happy can give women happiness.在这个世界上,只有真正快乐的男人,才能带给女人真正的快乐。【第14句】:On the journey of life you have kindled the light of hope for me to enrich my mind, add my wisdom to thank you! Teacher, I wish you healthy forever, happy, happy!人生旅程上您为我点燃希望的光芒丰富我的心灵,增添我的智慧 谢谢您!老师,愿您永远健康、愉快、幸福!15 、H appy is the man who is living by his hobby. 醉心于某种癖好的人是幸福的。

【第2句】: 描写心情的英语句子

what a bad day for me

what a pity

how terrible!!

I am in an ill humor.


I'm in a bad mood

I'm in foul temper

I'm feeling rather blue

I"m in that low frame of mind.

I"m in a bad temper






smart from


【第3句】: 有关阳光的诗句 英文

Flaming Red sunrise, spring, such as blue-green river.


Sunset is magnificent, but near dusk.


A setting sun shop in water, half red Jiang Jiang whistle and a half.


Straight Solitary desert, river down the yen.


【第4句】: 英语人物情绪描写的句子100个


2 .他心里好像有种说不出的滋味,好像全世界的蛇胆都在自己肚子中翻腾,他受不了,想把这种苦吐掉,但是这东西刚倒嘴边,又硬生生地咽了回去,空留他一口苦涩。 【第3句】:他忽而死死盯着那水果搅拌机,好象他自己的心在那儿搅拌、流血,再把那破碎的心植回胸膛,却也只剩一摊死水。

【第4句】: 他不觉得悲,但心中又不知是什么滋味,然而他忽而明白了:他现在心里早就麻木了!他嚼着口中的菜,却觉得那菜似是泥做的,但要真是泥做的,也应该有些泥滋味吧! 【第5句】:平静的湖面激起了浪花,我的心情也像浪花一样欢腾。 【第6句】:英语测验得了100分,小明抑制不住内心的喜悦,像小鸟一样飞进了家门。


【第9句】:姐姐顿时欢天喜地,嘴咧得如同一朵绽放的荷花,久久地合不拢。 【第10句】:顿时,我好像掉进了冰窖里,从心顶凉到了脚尖。

【第1句】: he felt his heart file like a blunt the cruel cut, grief from a wound, a Sala sad.【第2句】: his heart seems to have a strange taste, as if the whole world is in the snake in his stomach churning, he can not stand, want to put this bitter spit, but this thing just down the mouth, and abruptly swallowed back, he left empty pint of bitter.【第3句】: and he stared at the fruit mixer, as if he himself in the heart stirring, then there is bleeding, my broken heart returned to the chest, but also only a pool of stagnant water.【第4句】: he did not feel sad, but I don't know what it is, but he suddenly understood: he was numb now! He chews the dish in his mouth, but thinks it seems to be made of mud, but it should be made of mud, and it should be a bit of mud.【第5句】: The surface of the calm lake stirred the waves, and my mood was as cheerful as a wave.6, the English test got 100 points, Xiao Ming can not restrain the joy of heart, like a bird flying into the family.7, red and red unwittingly entered the dream, dreaming of his own five colored wings, flying in the blue sky, really 8 happy.8, we can not say how happy feet like the wind, walk faster and stronger.9, sister suddenly happy, the mouth is like a blooming lotus, long time to close.10, suddenly, I seem to fall into ice, from top to toe cold heart.。